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Psychological safety at work
What it is, why it matters & what we can do about it More ..
Tues 29 Oct 19 (London 16.00/New York 12.00): REGISTER

Webinars as a part of a learning strategy
Why live webinars can engage the brain More ..
Fri 15 Nov 19: (London 09.30): REGISTER
Fri 15 Nov 19: (London 16.00/New York 11.00): REGISTER

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Presenting for the Petrified
How presentation skills training can become more humane More ..
17 Oct 19 Watch webinar recording (includes a few presentation tips too)

Boosting collective intelligence

How Team Thinking, creativity & insight can be boosted More ..
10 Oct 19 Watch video (viewable on Homepage)

Why webinars? More ..
Why brain-friendly webinars can have the edge
04 Oct 19 Watch video

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