Resilience, mind & attention training

Neuro-focused team training for: Thinking, Connecting, Changing & Thriving

“The greatest competitive advantage in the modern economy
is a positive & engaged brain ..”
Shawn Anchor

Helping your teams work smarter, not harder offers learning about the mind at work, delivered on-line, blended & face-to-face

  • Ineffective, unimaginative or poor decision making? Consider the Team Thinking workshop to boost collective intelligence, clarity & insight
  • Disconnected, dysfunctional or unbonded? Consider the Team Connecting workshop to build engagement, collaboration & psychological safety
  • Dealing with change? Consider the Team Changing workshop to support team change, re-organisation or restructuring
  • Stressed, absenteeism, challenges with resilience? Consider the Team Thriving workshop to strengthen team resilience, support self-care & help avoid overwhelm or burnout
  • All of the above, plus limited time and low budgets?! Consider one of the new 'Mind at Work' Webinars


- New! Schedule open Webinars about the mind at work. For individuals & LMS. Booking now!

- New! Work & Your Brain Self-study eLearning Course

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