“The greatest competitive advantage in the modern economy is a positive & engaged brain ..”

Shawn Anchor

Presenting for the Petrified New!! 2021 dates

Overcoming the fear of presenting ... gently & humanely

8 session, small-group, live (blended) virtual course

To build confidence & skills in presenting or speaking up in meetings

Brain-friendly & suitable for anxious, fearful or neurodiverse presenters. Or anyone who wants to learn in a gentler way

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New!! Delivering Brain-friendly & Engaging Webinars & On-line Meetings

A short, practical & experiential webinar, about webinars! Designed to help you or your team deliver virtual sessions that engage, inspire and delight

Can include pre & post-delivery support & coaching. Also available as a 1:1 session, for when that delivery really matters

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Team Webinars ...see all

Brain-friendly, interactive webinars about the mind at work, resilience & attention, supporting productivity & self-care

"I feel like I've been talking all the way through, but I never opened my mouth!"

Team Workshops ...see all

Brain-friendly, fun sessions, to support your team's thinking, resilience & self-awareness. Ideal for bite-sized learning sessions within off-site meetings


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